Lcubed Approach

A Different Kind of Consulting Model

Lcubed provides management advisory and technology strategy solutions by aligning vision, enabling cross-functional teams and achieving priorities. Our team of alliance partner subject matter experts allows us to deliver solutions tailored to your individual needs.

We equip your team to succeed, win your trust and qualify for your next project, instead of landing and expanding with proprietary models only we can manage.

These are the key ways we clarify vision, enable teams and drive performance...


Strategic Governance

Lcubed works within your organization, supporting teams to execute strategy. Organizational maturity is measured and fine-tuned resulting in process adoption while executive oversight is streamlined to ensure the right work is done at the right time. We align the work and people to drive desired outcomes by working in conjunction with portfolio management and organizational change management

Technology Strategy

We align technology to achieve business goals and objectives. Lcubed supports your overall strategic plan with a prioritized technology architecture and roadmap to drive results. To address your key priorities, we identify the best technology solutions and the best people for technology roles. Further, we build in the ability to continuously improve and ensure you get the most from your IT.

Project Portfolio Management

Lcubed prioritizes and aligns projects with corporate strategy, while cross-functional teams work to increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organization.  By creating portfolios, work is addressed based on resource capacity and capability. Defined objectives will determine the optimal resource mix for delivery and activity scheduling to best achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals. At the same time, we respect constraints imposed by customers, strategic objectives, or external real-world factors. 

Organizational Change

We establish the roadmap and method to transform quickly, with powerful results. The ensuing structure addresses the people component to increase adoption and achieve the future state. Formal processes impact organizations at the individual, function, initiative and enterprise levels. Managing change at each of these levels increases the likelihood of sustaining changes over time and provides feedback methods for reinforcing the results. 

Business Process Management

Lcubed improves process performance and alignment with organizational objectives.  We focus on effective and efficient tactics, providing reasonable assurance for the achievement of business objectives by identifying internal controls to mitigate risk. Defining process ownership, roles and responsibilities enables each individual to understand their purpose and value within the organization. Clearly defined processes and procedures allow people to meet performance expectations, identify opportunities for continuous improvement and understand touchpoints between teams.

Project and Program Management

We provide enhanced probability of success and the means to measure schedule, scope, quality and cost.  The Project Management framework creates consistent experiences and sets standards for project delivery. Project-based work feeds information across teams so they do the right work, at the right time, with the right people.



Whether your needs are strategic, operational, tactical, or all three, Lcubed will tailor a solution for your distinct needs. Click below to schedule an introductory call.