What People Are Saying

"Lisa in three words “Swiss Army Knife” of Project/Program/Portfolio Management and with equal balance of Strategy Integration and Process Management. She is a highly driven and intelligent individual with a commitment to excellence. Lisa’s Competence, Accountability, Integrity, Loyalty and Professionalism make her a valuable asset to any organization. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Lisa!"


" I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Isagenix Intl. Her disciplined focus and collaborative approach to the Isagenix Digital Transformation Journey was instrumental in the successful launch of Salesforce Service Cloud. She led the company's Organizational Change Management strategy; communicating with all levels of management to help them understand the needs and requirements for success. Lisa is a very experienced leader and would be an asset for any organization. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Lisa again someday. Her passion for what she does is inspiring."

-Michele R, Sr. Contact Center and Customer Care Leader

"Lisa’s expertise in project and process management enables her to translate corporate strategy into actionable initiatives and results. Her innate critical thinking provides her the ability to understand relationships between vision, execution and measurable results. She keeps all situations in a proper perspective and is a “go to” leader committed to driving persistently toward successful execution and results."

-Julia B, Sales Operation Executive

"Lisa is a no-nonsense get the work done type consultant. She is results oriented with the experience and knowledge to work on both strategy and execution. If you are looking for support with a tough project on a tight timeline, Lisa can help."

-Andrea L, VP Operations

"Lisa's management skills make her an asset to every team with which she worked. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to cut through the unnecessary and concentrate on the essential."

-C. Lee B, Executive Advisor

"I got to speak to Lisa when I was experiencing some stress at work and at home. Having someone patiently listen to me without dismissing what I had to say, really helped me. Lisa made a good recommendation to get more help and that has worked out. I appreciate Lisa's professionalism and would recommend her highly."

-Timothy H, CSRIII